Dog’s inn : a Place For Dogs of all Ages.

About Us

Hello my name is Sam Flint and I have always loved dogs, and here at Dog’s Inn we believe that dog’s are mans best friend and we have a duty to treat them with compassion and understanding. We take a Holistic approach to caring for your furry friend; we will provide quality play time on our dog park, take your dog on long walks, and feed it the best food around, and provide all the love and attention it needs to feel comfortable, safe, and secure.  Modern kennels do not live up to our standards at Dog’s Inn, our goal is to make sure that your dog is excited to come back and see us. We provide each dog with a furnished enclosure complete with high quality “doggy bed’s” and miscellaneous furniture to make your little buddy feel more at home and relaxed .We love all dog’s of all ages from the young Doberman to the older Great Dane we cater to the individual needs of each dog to ensure that their stay at our Inn is the best possible experience. We are located in the beautiful Olathe, Colorado just north of Montrose on Highway 50. We would love to see your new young puppy or your old dear friend, so stop on by and see what we are all about.


Mission Statement

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Dog sitting on a heart shaped cushion

“To provide a quality experience to all of your dog’s by providing quality service to all of our patrons”

We believe that when a dog is sent to a Doggy daycare that it should feel like a mini vacation for them, as such we provide the finest quality pet care to ensure a happy dog and therefore a satisfied customer. Quality care starts upon  entering the door and meeting one of our friendly staff members who will work with you to ensure all of your furry little friends needs are taken care of and that any and all accommodations are met.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can reach us through our Contact PageWe are always looking for new contributors and guest writers for this Website, if you feel like you have anything to contribute whether it is article’s, videos, or just a friendly suggestion for a peace that you would like to see covered you can contact us through our Guest Writer page.